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What Our Client Says

“ I took driving lessons with Mr Zameer. He taught me all the details with patience and I passed G2 exam the first time. Highly recommended....”
Maziar Persian
“ Young star is such an amazing school. Zameer is an excellent teacher, I finished everything in a month and went for my road test and passed on the first try. He teaches extremely well, with so many helpful tips. The price is so cheap too, this is the best school. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get their license....”
Noor Javed
“ I get my g2 in first time ����� zameer is the best teacher....”
Rashpinder Kaur
“ passed my G2 first tym ..Thanks to zamir g ..he is the best instructor. ���...”
Prabhjit Kaur
“ Zameer was an excellent instructor. Both my brother and I passed with his guidance. I would highly recommend this instructor....”
Christina Maria
“ Zameer and Qazi, amazing people! Loved the school very quick service and easily accessible! Great school!! Highly Recommended!!! Lessons were booked on the spot and very helpful tips!...”
Noah Tapiero
“ Amazing driving school, all instructors are very understanding hard working and honest. Excellent services they provide to their students and all ensure them that they are ready for the road test 12/10 rating amazing school don't miss out on it...”
Manesh Divedia
“ Young Star Driving School is an outstanding driver's education for both new and experienced drivers. Zameer was my in-car driving instructor and I have to say that his teaching methods are clear, concise, and efficient. He works well with your schedule and really helps you improve your driving skills. Just today, I passed my G2 test and I couldn't have done it without his lessons. Great driving school, would recommend for everyone!...”
Tony Yoon
“ I'm so happy to recommend Zameer as your in-car instructor! :-) He is an engaging and humorous instructor. He was patient and clam when teaching....”
Upendra Kumar Srivastava
“ Passed my G driver's test today thanks to Zameer and Young Star Driving School! He's such a nice guy with the best tips and tricks for road tests to make sure you pass on the first try👍🏼 Did both my G2 and G lessons with Zameer and you really get great value from an unbeatable price...”
Christina Lee
“ Zameer's instructions were very helpful, and I passed and got my G2...”

Will definitely recommend this driving school. Zameer is an excellent instructor and not only makes you pass the road tests but also makes you a safe driver .I would like to give him seven stars if there was an option available. I would advise all new drivers to enroll in Young Star Driving school.

“ Zameer is the best instructor ever! I was so nervous about getting my G2 exit test because I had failed twice with another driving school. Knowing that, Zameer came extra early to help me practice and really calm me down. Passed the test with flying colours :) Definitely recommend this driving school!!...”
Wendy Tran
“ Zameer was the most wonderful driving instructor I could have asked for. After failing my G2 twice I sighed up for lessons . He gave me the tips and tools to become a smart safe driver. Thank you Zameer I will certainly be coming back for lessons when it's time to get my G!!...”
Lauren Hirsh
“ Zameer is the best driving instructor around! I was so nervous about going in for my G test but Zameer calmed me down and made sure to teach me everything I needed to know! He came with me the day of and insisted we practice more beforehand. He really cares about his students and wants them to succeed! If you're going to use any instructor, Zameer is the best one!...”
Josh Baena
“ Amazing! I took my g2 twice before I called zamir and after he taught me I passed with flying colours! My girlfriend had him teach her before her G and she also did amazing! Definitely a driving school that does it right!...”
Fabiano Caputi
“ ' We just wanted to say a great big thank you to Zameer. I and my husband we came from Dubai and my husband got G license in his first attempt in 10 days and i got my G2 as well. He is excellent in his one to one training and he really gives quality time. I would not hesitate to recommend Zameer strongly. Warm regards.....”
Zahra & Mustafa Kapadia
“ Zameer is a great driving instructor, very hard working and knowledgable. Gives great advice and very helpful. Going to any driving school other than Young Star would be a waste of time....”
Nathan Thanakone
“ Zameer is the best driving instructor! He helped me get my G and my brother get his G2 on the first try. His one-on-one training is amazing. There is never anyone else in the car so he can just focus on you. He is very familiar with all of the test centres so he can give you great tips and advice to help you pass. I would highly recommend Young Star!...”
Rachel Shore
“ I have had my g1 licence for 5 years, and it was about to expire, I needed to get my g2 and fast. Zameer showed me techniques and made me feel comfortable driving again. I got my g2 on the first attempt and its all thanks to Zameer....”
Cassandra Westover
“ Best price among all in our area and i would also say best instructor.Very friendly.Thanks...”
Sagar Ray
“ Zameer is the greatest driving instructor! He helped me get my g2 5 years ago on my first try and left my g2 to expire till very last minute. I called Zameer 2 days before my G road test and he was happy to help me even though it was last minute. If I didn't pass my G road test on my first try I would have to start my entire license from the beginning! With his amazing help I was able to pass my g with flying colours! He gives the best tips and helps his students succeed. Zameer makes the impossible possible!!!...”
Jaklyn Ioffe
“  After having not driven for 3 years with my G1, I was reluctant to start driving again, but Zameer helped me get my G license in the little time I had before my license expired. I am very grateful that he helped me pass both my tests on the first try, I would earnestly recommend him to any anxious drivers....”
Avital Ostromich
“ I had the best experience with Young Star Driving School! Zameer is an amazing teacher, and I was very confident going into my road test. He instilled good driving habits that I still use on the road today. I would definetly recommend Young Star Driving School!...”
Zahra Gulestani
“ Zameer's probably one of the greatest driving instructors. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to pass their G2 and G license tests without any problems. He teaches you the proper way to drive and gives you the confidence you need to pass your tests. Now that he's opened up his school I wish him the best of luck!...”
Amro Isaac
“ Zameer is the best driving instructor ! I know with him behind this driving school, you are in excellent hands.
He goes beyond to teach how to drive and all his students pass the road test the first time.
Highly recommend!!
He is also a patient. Nice friendly guy....”
Melanie Beder Foreman
“ Zamir is the best driving instructor. I really do recommend him to any new drivers or even to those who are planning to take their G license. After 10 hours in-car lesson with him, I passed my G2 license road test right away. He was also my mom's instructor for her G license road test. After 2 hours in-car lesson with him she passed her road test right away. She tried two different instructors before but failed both times."...”
Cj Flores Jabilĺes
“ Zameer is an excellent driving Instructor. Very accommodating....”
Matthew London
“ With Zameer's help I passed both my G2 and G on my first try. His insight is detailed and effective; I would recommend his school to any new or veteran driver seeking to improve their skills....”
Daniel Kapustin
“ Zameer taught both my sons to drive. He gave them confidence and excellent instruction. I know Young Star Driving School will be a huge success!!! I highly recommend this driving school....”
Janet Robertson
“ Zameer does a great job at preparing you for both road tests and lets you know what to expect, and all the keys for successful driving. He's knowledge and expertise are close to none!...”
Jordan Scolnik
“ Zameer prepared all my friends & I for our G2 tests, and he brought us all to our road exams feeling extremely confident and prepared! I look forward to taking a class with him to prepare me for my G test this summer!...”
Macarena Bigolin